Biochar Opportunities

The current CASCADE project is directly related to the THREE C project and aims to further develop and establish the ideas introduced by THREE C. CASCADE focuses on introducing, managing, and optimizing biomass-to-biochar product and value chains, ensuring quality through continuous improvement based on various criteria, and implementing a capacity building programme to establish these value chains in both the project and follow-on regions.

Products Developed in THREE C

The THREE C project has developed several products incorporating biochar, utilizing a design thinking approach and validating them against different Technology Readiness Levels (TRL). The products currently available are a mix of prototypes and market-ready items, covering various applications such as:

  • Asphalt: Enhancing durability and sustainability.
  • Fertilizer: Improving soil health and crop yield.
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation: Offering new methods for protecting historical sites.
  • Concrete Constructions: Increasing strength and reducing environmental impact.

Explore these innovative solutions to see how biochar is transforming multiple industries.

Biochar and Biochar Credits Map

The map and data, provided with the kind support of Biochar Zero, offer comprehensive contact details for biochar suppliers and biochar credits. Biochar Zero is the European biochar platform that supports the purchase of biochar and biochar carbon credits. They collaborate with clients from various sectors, including concrete, asphalt, polymer industry, urban green, and agriculture.


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